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Women veterans are an expanding population and here to stay. They are the fastest growing demographic group of Veterans in the United States. Currently, they make up almost 10% of the 20 million living veterans today.  The continued growth of women veterans will increase demand for women healthcare services at the VA.

Annual surveys indicate that women veterans have lower trust scores than men at VA healthcare facilities. To understand why, the Center for Women Veterans, Women’s Health Services and the Veterans Experience  Office teamed up to explore how women currently experience outpatient care.


This project explored:

  • How do women experience outpatient care?

  • How might we rebuild trust with as women seek and receive care at VA medical centers and clinics? 



Photos: Aaron Steinstra 

I want you to treat me like a whole person, not just someone assigned to you. I want you to care about me and not just your numbers.


Age 48

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